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    The College of International Culture and Education (CICE) of Guangxi Normal University was established in February 2000, on the basis of the Center for Training Chinese Language as a Second Language and the Center for International Exchanges of Culture and Education which was founded in 1979. It now consists of the Department of Chinese Language and Culture and the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, enrolling students to undertake 4-year undergraduate programs or to study in the long-term and short-term programs. ......
  • With the coming of the Fall season, the sweet smell of the osmanthus trees is drifting in the air. Guangxi Normal University sees a great enrollment of new undergraduate and graduate students coming from all over the country.
  • More than 20 foreign teachers are also coming in, ready to teach where they are needed. They have coming from the United States, Britain, Australia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands, and France. The French teachers are invited to teach in the 2+2 French program, a new program in the university started this year with the enrolment of 60 Chinese students.
  • The international students are also increasing in both number and variety of nationality. They have come from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Canada, the United States, and Indonesia who are studying here for a long-term basis or for degree programs. What is worth mentioning is students coming from Indonesia, who are tripled in number. They have come from different universities and places in Indonesia, such as Maranatha Christian University in Bandung and Petra Christian University in Surabaya which are the paratner universities of Guangxi Normal University, and also from Jakarta, Semarang, and Banjarmasin, etc. They are now living in the new 11-storied building of International Education Center.
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