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School Activities


About School Activities

One academic year is divided into two semesters: First Semester from early September to Mid-January the next year; Second Semester, from late February to Mid-July. There are usually 19 teaching weeks in one semester.

In addition to Winter Break and Summer Break, there are other holidays such as May 1 International Labor Day and October 1 China’s National Day (3-day holidays respectively), New Year’s Day. Classes remain to continue on the other memorial days and traditional festive days. There will be organized trips to some places in China for the international students during the winter break and summer break. There will also be some regular field trips for the international students to learn more about the Chinese history and culture and to witness the great changes and achievements made by the Chinese people since the implementation of China’s open policy.

International students are encouraged to participate and display themselves in the university’s annual sport-meet which is usually held around November.

The university students government sponsors varieties of interesting activities every year such as Kara Oke competition, soccer football game, basketball match, which also welcome the participation of international students. It also organizes international students every year to take part in the national art activities and competitions held in Guilin for international students.

The period of study is short, but the memory of it is everlasting. Have a nice stay at Guangxi Normal University, and make your study interesting and rewarding!