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International Exchanges and Cooperation 更多公告通知
  Guangxi Normal University has a long history of international exchange and Cooperation. As far back as 1950s-1960s, the university’s Yucai campus was the site for Vietnam Yucai School and South Vietnam 9.2 School. It produced thousands of people very useful to Vietnam, 10 of whom have been Vietnamese state leaders, more than 20 government leaders at ministerial level, and others well-known scholars and entrepreneurs. At present, the university is among the most prestigious Chinese universities in Vietnam, which has the largest population of Vietnamese students in China. ……
Current News
Dr. A. A. F. Nijsen, Principal of Fontys University of Professional Education, Holand, came to visit our university ……
Dr. Lin Lianlian, Professor of Economics and Management from California State University, the U.S.A, visited our university
An American delegation of Mathematics Education visited our campus led by Dr. Johnny W. Lott……
With the coming of the Fall season, the sweet smell of the osmanthus trees is drifting in the air
More than 20 foreign teachers are also coming in, ready to teach where they are needed.
The international students are also increasing in both number and variety of nationality.
Welcome to the charming city of Guilin…
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